Stuffy nose

A stuffy nose; almost everyone has it from time to time. The one now and then, the other’s nose stays (chronically) closed. A blocked nose is caused by the swelling of the mucous membranes in the nose. In addition, the mucous membranes produce extra mucus, which quickly clogs the nose.

Get rid of a blocked nose

The reason that the mucous membranes swell can be due to various causes. Think of a cold (virus). Because this is the most common reason, people often say “I have a cold” when the nose is full of mucus. However, there are many more causes that can cause a stuffy nose, such as allergy, hay fever and hypersensitivity of the mucous membranes.

Common cold

Short cold

Colds are a virus that is actively visible, especially in the autumn and winter months. Such a cold often disappears on its own and the nose is released again.
For a quick solution, a nasal spray based on xylometazoline is often chosen. The nasal spray ensures that the swelling of the mucous membranes decreases. Usually one can quickly breathe freely again through the nose. When this nasal spray is not used for longer than 5-7 days, it is a great solution. If the cold lasts longer or if you prefer to use a natural solution, choose Capnasal.

Long cold

If the cold lasts longer than 7 days, stop the xylometazoline nasal spray. When such a nasal spray is used for more than 7 days, the nose may become dependent on it. Capnasal nasal spray then offers a good alternative. Capnasal doesn’t just fight the symptoms (which xylometazoline does). Its effect is based on the salt and xylitol that shrink the mucous membrane. All products contain ‘pepper’ (Capsicum annuum tincture) which gives a tingling effect in the nose. This builds up the resistance of the nose for a longer period of time.

Note: It may take longer before the effect is noticeable (up to 2 weeks). It also sometimes happens that the nose first closes a little more. Really give Capnasal some time.

Allergy (hay fever)

Many people suffer from allergies, such as animal hair, house mites and pollen. In these cases, Capnasal does not solve the problem of the allergy itself. It can, however, reduce additional complaints, such as (temporarily) clearing the stuffy nose.

For hay fever, Capnasal Mild Formula is the best choice. This formula contains feverfew (feverfew) to support the nasal mucosa.

Hypersensitive mucous membranes (idiopathic rhinitis)

In addition to allergic nose complaints, there may also be hypersensitivity of the mucous membranes for no apparent cause. The nose reacts directly to dust from the outside without there being an allergy. Because of this hypersensitivity, people often have chronic nasal complaints, such as a blocked or runny nose. This can also spread to the cavities. This can cause a sinus infection or sinus infection.

Especially with this hypersensitivity (in medical terms called ‘idiopathic rhinitis’), Capnasal nasal spray can really offer a solution. This makes the nose less sensitive to dust and will therefore not quickly become blocked.

Long-term result

When Capnasal works well, you no longer need a nasal spray for a longer period of time. A chronic stuffy nose is a thing of the past. This effect can often last up to a year (and even longer).

How fast and how long it works varies greatly per person / nose. For some, Capnasal really offers a long-term solution, while others continue to use it regularly. We cannot estimate this in advance; it really depends on the nose and less on the type of complaints. In any case, it is important to give Capnasal a little longer the chance. It can take up to 2 weeks before real results are noticeable.

We are happy that Capnasal has already been able to help many people. People who have often searched in vain for a solution for years and who have now finally found it with the use of Capnasal.