Capnasal Original Formula nasal spray


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Capnasal Original Formula Nasal Spray


Capnasal is an all-natural nasal spray containing xylitol and paprika, for maximum relief from sinus pressure, congestion, and sinus headaches. Capnasal relieves sinus pressure, congestion, and sinus headaches due to cold, flu, and allergies. Capnasal nasal spray can be used for a long time and is not addictive. Capnasal contains the natural ingredient Capsicum annuum, known for its rapid absorption and relieves symptoms of sinus congestion and headaches due to sinus pressure. Xylitol prevents the adhesion of bacteria and xylitol, allowing you to safely reduce sinus inflammation. It also hydrates and protects the delicate tissues of the sinuses. A slight burning sensation may be experienced immediately after use, it is normal and natural as Capsicum takes effect and the sensation diminishes when the nasal spray is used regularly.


  • Toilet,
  • sodium chloride (1.1%),
  • xylitol (1.1%),
  • tincture of eucalyptus globulus leaves,
  • Rosmarinus officinalis tincture,
  • Capsicum annuum tincture (with capsaicin),
  • potassium sorbate (preservatives).



Capnasal Nasal Spray comes in a 20 ml bottle with a spray pump.

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